1-on-1 Russian Lessons Online


I'm a native Russian speaker living in Staten Island, New York. 

I am proficient in both Russian and English.


My students get customized lessons that are designed to meet their needs.

I present my lessons and methods according to the kind of request I receive.


I help my students with all aspects of Russian.

I employ different techniques for the areas in which the student lacks proficiency.


The Russian language levels of my students range from beginner to advanced.

I create a learning program that is tailored to each student.

Why Students Like Online Learning

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Learn from the comfort of your own home

All you need is an internet connection and the desire to learn.


You save time and money

Since you do not have to travel to a classroom at a fixed time.


You can avoid scheduling conflicts

The lessons are on any day of the week.


You don't need to buy textbooks

The Skype chat window will be used to provide written materials and instructions.


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My name is Julia. 
I'm a native Russian speaker living in Staten Island, New York.

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I have a Master’s Degree in Education.

I graduated from The State Teachers Educational University in St. Petersburg, Russia.


I am proficient in both Russian and English.

My teaching style is very open. I let my students know what their weaknesses are, and I closely work with them until they improve.

I have been teaching Russian and ESL for over 20 years.

I employ different techniques, depending on a student’s difficult area.


I have taught in elementary, middle, and high school.

Many of my students are adults. I believe that people are "never too old to learn!"


One-on-one lessons


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I also offer the following courses.
I am happy to design an individual Russian course if the course you require is not listed below.

Beginner LEVEL




RUSSIAN for Travel 

Business Trip to Russia


You want to learn the Russian language

       • For work or business 
       • For personal development
       • Get to know a new culture
       • To enter Higher education 
       • To find new friendships 
       • For travel

My lessons are one-to-one and entirely personalized. I create a learning program that is tailored to each student.

As we begin our lessons, we will be communicating in English, however, little by little, we will be adding Russian words/phrases to our conversations.

During our lessons, I combine learning new vocabulary and proper sentence structures, as well as learning idioms and clichés.

The fact that I am conversationally fluent in everyday Russian and English gives me an advantage of a deep understanding of the relationship and differences between Russian and English languages. Sharing that knowledge with my students helps them to learn Russian consciously.

Russian-Speaking Students will be able to

• Improve their spelling literacy

• Develop writing skills

• Improve their reading technique

• Activate their Russian vocabulary

• Deepen their conscious knowledge of the Russian language

• Form a grammatical structure of the spoken Russian language

• Increase their vocabulary of modern Russian

Develop the ability to switch freely (in conversation) from                English to Russian and vice versa       


Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.